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2017, Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin   2017, Art on Paper fair, Brussels   2017, Helmhaus, Zurich   2017, DuflonRacz, Bern   2016, Palais für aktuelle Kunst Glückstadt    
2016, Galerie DuflonRacz, Bern   2015, The Brno House of Arts, Brno, CZ   2015, Kaskadenkondensator Basel   2014, Lucie Fontaine, Milano   2014, Galerie im GSH, Wettingen    
2014, Helmhaus Zurich   2014, Galerie DuflonRacz, Bern   2013, Remise, Zurich   2013, HAW Projects, Turin, Italy   2012, Kabinett visarte Zurich   2012, Kunstraum Aarau    
2011, Art Brussels   2011, Schau Ort Galerie Christiane Büntgen Zurich   2011, Futura Center for Contemporary Art Karlin Studios Prague   2010, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Berlin    
2009, Kunstraum Winterthur   2009, Galerie oqbo Berlin   2008, Vegas Gallery London   2008, ArtAgreement Zurich   2008, Villa am Aabach Uster/Zurich   2007, Space Invasion Vienna    
2007, White Space Zurich   2006, Immanence Paris   2006, PAKT Amsterdam   2005, CAPRI Berlin   2004, Kunstbank Berlin   2003, loop Heeresbaeckerei Berlin   2001, Fernsehturm Berlin  



solo show at Kunstbank / Exhibition Space of the Berlin Senate for Cultural Affairs, November 2004
installation with drawings and collages, 2004

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DEMO, pencil on paper, ca. 150 x 270 cm, 2004

CARNE, watercolour, felt pen, pencil on paper, 2 parts, each 42 x 30 cm, 2004

details from the installation, mixed techniques on paper, collage

details from the installation, mixed techniques on paper, collage, 9 parts, ca. 330 x 250 cm, 2004

Right from the start, the pop star's body is a carcass. 'Kontrapost': we are the support leg, he is the
loose leg. The corpse, preserved and celebrated, can be used and be loved: it doesn't have to eat