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Benoit Billotte, Bettina Carl, Janosch Perler

opening Dec. 8, 2018, exhibition Dec. 9 until 21, 2018
MARCO Arte Foco, museo de arte contemporáneo de La Boca, Buenos Aires

Marco Arte Foco Buenos Aires facebook

  Kunst: Szene Zurich 2018
Bettina Carl and Magdalena Baranya

Dec. 1 - 2, 2018
Garage art space Zurich

  Un poema al Riachuelo
performance (with Janosch Perler) at LEGS piernas-sin-piernas festival

Nov. 25, 2018
URRA Tigre, Provincia de Buenos Aires

website URRA residencias de arte, Tigre, Argentina

out now:
  Zine - to March, Clandestine Life of the BoycottGiiirls! 2017-2018
with contributions by 110 artists
published by Corner College editions, Zurich   

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