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HOLZROBOTER 2007 - 2010
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A WOODEN ROBOT may be a beast, a human or a machine. Built of waste and

geometry, such a semi-organic apparatus may have a rather violent character,

tempered at times by a sentimental strain. Inevitably, the WOODEN ROBOT

appears at the wrong time -- far too late, or far too early.

Formally alluding to cubist features, many works of the WOODEN ROBOTS series

evoke the utopian courage of past artistic endeavors. The artists of the modern

avant-garde postulated the creation of the unheard-of New. Such heroic gestures,

however, have long given way to rather funny moves.

Besides, the WOODEN ROBOTS reference a looming nostalgia for a lost era, an

imagined life in a pre-digital realm where machines still could be trusted to be dumb

and comprehensible.
IM HOLZROBOTER WITHIN A WOODEN ROBOT, 2007, 2 parts, watercolour, pencil, charcoal on paper, 42 x 30 cm each